"I can’t tell you the difference you made in Trevor's and my life after your sessions with us. I learned to be more consistent and Trevor more obedient with just a few lessons. Your gentle but firm approach to my pit bull was all he needed to become easier for me to handle. You showed me that he is very intelligent but needs firm, consistent and repetitive sessions to help him to learn: 1) Delayed gratification – to sit and wait for a command to start eating as I give him his food or treats. 2) Commands of – sit, stay, down,come. 3) Loose lease walking- preventing him from pulling me during our walks and walking calmly beside me. 4) Tips on not allowing him to jump on me or visitors during greetings." Thank you for your help in assisting me in managing so energetic and powerful a dog. Trevor and I are forever grateful."

-Catherine Brand and Trevor

"Joy is a lifesaver. When we adopted our second rescue pup, I knew I needed not only someone to take the dogs out while I was at work but also someone who could train the little guy. Joy came twice a day and worked with both dogs to teach/reinforce the basic commands: sit, stay, down, come , and no. Joy always let me know what she worked on so that we could reinforce those commands. I also would get photos of the dogs playing with one another which was an absolute relief. Seeing and know that the dogs were happy and cared for provided comfort and removed all worry. Today I have two obedient dogs. Joy did a great job and I trust her implicitly. We consider her a member of the family."

-Frank Accosta, Clara, and Toby

"Joy has been a real lifesaver for our family. We have a 8 month old puppy who was not walking well on the leash and who was also stealing food from the counters and from our children's hands. Joy helped tremendously with both of these and also helped us with new situations, like a plan for expanding the zone our pup was in to the entire house and a plan for a family party we hosted which we could tell was going to be overwhelming for everyone involved. We saw big improvements after the first training session.Joy taught us a treat based incentive system which works really well and fits with our family's general personalities. Joy helped us through some bad moments and taught us all how to keep things from happening again. She is always upbeat and has a wealth of information about dogs' behavior. She worked with us and our two children and we all loved working with her and learned a lot in each session. I highly recommend working with Joy!"

-Claudette and Juno

"I had the pleasure of having Joy work with not one but both of my fur babies in a group training. Joy is attentive, passionate and has lots of love and compassion for each of the animals she's working with. Joy was able to help me connect with each of them in the way they needed and continues to help me and my fur babies with the insight and advice she has given us. Joy has also shown she is knowledgeable on various dog breeds, their needs and that's important. Joy helped us work with our boy who was about 2 when we adopted him from a shelter and also with our baby girl who was a puppy. If you are looking for someone with patience, love and understanding; look no further!""

-Cherise Murphy, Titan, and Zena